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4 star rating
"My boyfriend took me here for a 'just because' dinner date over the summer and we were able to sit outside in the beer garden area. The crowd (we were there on a Sunday evening) was not too much or too little, the food was spectacular (we didn't order pizza this time, instead went for some Chicken Parmesan with Angel Hair pasta, mozz. sticks, spaghetti, that kind of thing), our waitress was very nice, and the atmosphere was to my liking."

Laura M. Chicago, IL

5 star rating
"I love this place. I have to count it as one of my all-time favorites. Kids menu is great, and the big hit is always the kids "make it yourself pizza".

I've gone there many times with just my husband (after dropping our son off at grandma & grandpa's house for the evening). It's nice just to hang out, have a few beers, watch some sports and play satellite trivia.

Bottom line: If you're looking for a slow-paced, friendly neighborhood place, ...always ice cold FULL beers (they really fill them to the top), this is the place to go. There is something very "comfortable" about this place... I'll be going there for as long as they are still standing."

Elle J., Chicago, IL

4 star rating
"I love this place for a hungover Sunday lunch outside. To be seated in the dappled shade of the patio with a spicy bloody mary in one hand is one of the few real cures I've found for that hungover sense of being in some kind of trouble.

The patio is very kid-friendly. Butters B. enjoys coming here to wreck a miniature hot dog and trainspot. My husband likes to sternly address himself to a rare steak, and then compose a soliloquy about how much he, 'needed that.'"

katrina b., Chicago, IL

"4 Star rating
The atmosphere was so nice... We caught a glimpse of the bruschetta... will definitely order that next time!"

Liz J., McHenry, Il

4 star rating
"If you need a good pizza Moretti's is the place. Have been going to Moretti's for years and have never been let down! Moretti's has great pizza, good set up for watching games and good drink specials. They also have karaoke for those who like to to sing on Wednesday Nights!
Props to the back bartender who always was nice and took care of our softball team this past summer!!
So for Pizza and Beer Moretti's will not disappoint!!!!

Dominic R., Chicago, IL

5 star rating
"The pizza is always money. stick with the thin crust, it takes less time to make, and its the best. also try buffalo chicken on your pizza

they have like over 100 hd tvs and like every channel! They usually have games and give out prizes on special events. and its usually packed. an overall great experience"

mark t., Chicago, IL

"4 star rating
Will I go back? Of course... Moretti's food has always been excellent and is probably one of my top 5 picks when I want a good pizza or some pasta."

Ryan H., Dundee, IL

LB from Roscoe Village

Overall rating: 5

Can Never Go Wrong
Have been going here for the last 15 years. Just went back after having moved from the neighborhood. I really miss this place, it really is the best. You can't beat the overall offering this place has. I miss it so much. BBQ pizza!

4 star rating
"I really like Moretti's. Granted, the only thing I ever get here is pizza. And it's delicious. The crust is perfectly thin and crispy and the proportion of sauce to cheese is great. Also, their goat cheese appetizer is one of the best I've ever had."

Erin K., Chicago, IL

5 star rating
I love this place. I used to eat at Moretti's all the time back when I worked over in that area. The beer garden is HUGE! This place has great food, and was the perfect happy hour bar...great drink specials. When I was alone I would play interactive TV poker, which I really enjoyed.
Artemis K., Chicago, IL

5 star rating
"Good food, good menu, decent prices and a beer garden. What more could you want?"

Pat G. Wheeling, IL

4 star rating
"'When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's AMORE!' Which is what I feel when I eat at Moretti's. I love sitting outside in their large outdoor area. Sitting in the bar is a blast, and their beer selection is great. The bar is like a sports bar, but the restaurant is family oriented. Pretty cool! I have enjoyed everything I've ever ordered, and will continue to go back whenever I darn well feel like it. :-) The service is always descent."

Lorna S., Cook, IL

4 star rating
"When I first discovered Morretti's so many years ago I loved it and would repeat back during summers. Sitting in the beer garden in the warm season and then seated at the lenghty bar in the colder times. More of a sports bar and restaurant type of theme, but still family oriented. Their thin crust blew me away upon my first tasting and caused me back on many occasions. Pricing has always been just right."

Jacob J., Chicago, IL

"4 star rating
I would totally go back...I really enjoyed my eating experience here."

Erica S. Chicago, IL

5 star rating
"This is most fabulous pizza probably ever. I have been coming here for ages and I always have a great experience. The thin crust pizza is unbelievable, and the pan pizza is pretty good too.

Everything I've had from their menu has been good, but I mainly go for the pizza. Fantasic."

Caitlin S., Chicago, IL

"4 Star rating
Other places in the neighborhood used to be good... Can't wait for Moretti's to open!"

Sharon B., Lake in the Hills, Il

4 star rating
"... I'd been to Moretti's years ago and remember the pizza being pretty good. However, this was lunch and just wanted a simple sandwich.

Went with the Chicken al Forno flatbread sandwich and it was sensational... Great char grilled chicken breast with bacon (great quality bacon btw), tomato, feta cheese and some Parmesan drizzle with marinara on the side. I can honestly say that I will come back here for that flatbread sandwich alone, when i'm in the area. I also love the area this is located in. To me it's a quintessential neighborhood-feel bar and grill with a huge comfy bar area as well as a sizable beer garden. If I lived in this neighborhood, it would be a staple local pub to catch a game (they have upwards of twenty 42" flatscreens!) or just kick back in the beer garden w. friends."

Brent W., Chicago, IL

4 star rating
"Have been coming to this bar/restaurant since it was called The Snuggery. Tonight's visit must have been one of the best. Kudos to our server, Valerie. If you get her as your server, YOU WILL GET EXCELLENT SERVICE. She's fast, friendly and efficient. All-in-all, it was a fun experience and we'll be back there soon!"

Sue M., Chicago, IL

"4 star rating
DEFINITELY better then Papa Saverios... Delivery was quick, food was warm, I saw a delivery guy going about 15mph over so I figured I'd give em a shot..."

RJ, Algonquin, IL

"4 star rating
I ordered the grilled calamari (surprisingly great)... My kid really liked his pizza too"

Liz R., Lake in the Hills, IL

5 star rating
"Looking for fast food. Call Moretti's. I ordered a cheeseburger & chicken wings for delivery. I have no idea how they did it but it was delivered in 12 minutes piping hot! I live less than a mile away. I couldn't cook it that quick. Plus it was great. Moretti's delivery guys are BEST!"

NANCY B., Park Ridge, IL

4 star rating
"We've been using Moretti's for catering for a long time. This weekend, it was my brother-in-law's 40th birthday party at our house. Of course, we had Moretti's bring it over and set it up for us. The delivery guy came in his Moretti's logo-emblazoned PT Cruiser right on time. He set up the racks, burners and food trays on our table. He made sure we had everything, right down to the direction of the buffet line setup for people to get their food. Moretti's even brings a set of durable plastic serving utensils, which is great, since we've kept a previous set that's lasted us for years. Same with the fuel containers and racks.

Best item on the menu has to be their meatballs. When we divvied up the leftovers to our guests at the end, we made sure we secured our personal stash of meatballs before we let them take the rest.

Moretti's is a great choice for your catered functions.

Mike O., Park Ridge, IL

5 star rating
"Went here on Saturday night to celebrate my birthday with friends. There were 19 of us, and we had one server - Anna. She was awesome! I thought we might have needed another person to put up with our constant drink ordering, crazy food orders (we continually ordered pizzas & appetizers for over 5 hours! LOL!) but she handled it like a pro. Never had to wait more than 2 minutes for a beer, and food came out quick & hot. For as much time as we spent there and as much as we ate & drank, the total bill was ... - a bargain if you ask me. Another reason I'll keep going back - it's my absolute favorite hang out."

Elle J., Chicago, IL

4 star rating
"Moretti's is a great neighborhood pizza joint. I love just sitting at one of the outdoor tables with friends on a nice day and enjoying a pizza and some beers. It is cool too that there are a lot of different types of people there. Last time I went, there were a bunch of families having dinner, groups of young people having drinks, and older guys there to watch the games on the big screens. The pizza is really perfect with its crispy thin crust, light and tasty sauce, and generous toppings. Moretti's is just a fun place to hang out, talk, watch the game, and have a good meal."

Michael M., Chicago, IL

4 star rating
"Hands down, the best place to watch a game on the Northwest Side of Chicago. I caught the Bears - Lions game at Moretti's and had a blast. In my direct view the entire afternoon were very pretty bartenders and four flat screen televisions with two tuned to the Bears while the others were showing two other games. The bar and restaurant were filled with fans offering numerous cheers as the Bears steamrolled the Lions on a glorious Sunday afternoon.

I've been going to Moretti's for years and have always liked this place. The outdoor beer garden is one of the best in the city. The pizza and other Italian dishes served by Moretti's are all very good. For the Bears/Lions game we dined on delicious hot wings and calamari. The bartenders kept my pint glass filled the whole day."

Tony G., Chicago, IL

MeganO from Logan Square
Overall rating: 5

My co-workers and I went here for lunch last week and had a great time. Food was great and service was even better!! I had the Italian Cobb salad and it was fantastic!! Definitely would come back and highly recommend it!!

5 star rating
"HEHEY ALL! Here we go Morettis.
SO I PLANNED A 50TH Birthday Party for my mother! Sunday DEC 13th, MORETTI'S WAS SO ACCOMMODATING! We were playing our own music and a DVD slide show. We had a personal bartender and a buffet style dinner.

Our server was a amazing, she was sweet and calm. We have a crazy 3 year old hanging from the ceiling.

great date place.

AMAZING FOOD! I had the calamari, Parmesan crusted chicken and lasagna.


I'm actually thinking about going back this week....


Christina M., Chicago, IL

4 star rating
"Morretti's is a great place to go with a group of friends or just a couple of people. I always forget that the whole place has a sports bar appeal to it. A friend and I stopped in last night to watch the Cubs game and grab some grub and it was a nice evening! If you're inside you have the opportunity to watch games on an large number of televisions. If you want to dine outside, well, they have one of the largest outdoor seating areas I've ever had the pleasure of eating in. When you're there with a large group, often you have the benefit of going upstairs where you can actually hear eachother over the noise of everyone at their own tables.

Generally I really enjoy Morretti's. They have some of the best hot spinach dip I've ever tasted, decent appetizers, pizza, burgers and pasta."

Tara M., Des Plaines, IL

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